There is a mural on the wall of the Mexico Medical Missions hospital. The scene shows a lamb,   
struggling, inches from death on a steep precipice. But there is also a shepherd with strong, gentle  
hands reaching out...
Here at Mexico Medical Missions we reach out to a people struggling on the edge of life and death.  
Day by day, we treat the diseases and afflictions of the indigenous population of the northern Sierra  
Madre Mountains of Mexico. Though the people face the harshest physical realities, we know that the  
greatest battle lies elsewhere.
In these age-old mountains we recognize, as did the Apostle Paul, that "our struggle is not against  
flesh and blood." The Mexico Medical Missions team believes that everyone's greatest need is to  
know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. We serve because we genuinely love the people of the Sierra,  
because we are commanded by Jesus to care for others, and because we believe that proclaiming the  
Gospel of Christ takes more than just words - it takes acts of love and service. It takes strong, gentle  
hands reaching out.
At Mexico Medical  Missions we labor in an area with immense physical need.
Mexico Medical Missions focuses primarily on the Tarahumara Indians of northern Mexico. While the Tarahumara do believe in a creator god, their god depends on human efforts and ceremonies to sustain him. They believe that this god chose them as his special people but that this “honor” also means that they are relegated to a life of poverty and suffering. They fear lesser spirits that can attack their health and welfare. The Tarahumara even fear the rainbow, which they believe steals their children.
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